International Association of Military Justices

International Association of Military Justices

X International Seminar of Military Law and Humanitarian Law

11th to 14th of July 2022

Venue: National Military Club
Address: Strada Constantin Mille 1, București 030167, Romênia

11.07.22 – monday
* Morning – Free time.
* Afternoon – Ordinary Assembly of the International Association of Military Justices. Members will necessarily attend the meeting and all those registered at the event will be welcome if they wish to attend the Assembly.
* Welcome dinner

12.07.22 – tuesday
* Morning – Lectures
* Afternoon:
1. Lectures
2. Visit to Parliament Palace (former People’s House, during Nicolae Ceaucescu regime)

13.07.22 – wednesday
* Morning – Departure from Bucharest to Sinaia (a historic small mountain city, the residence of Romanian Royal Family, located at 120 km from Bucharest) – Palace Hotel Sinaia
Transport by bus ensured
* Afternoon:
1. Lectures (at the Conference Room inside the Hotel)
2. Visit to Peles Castle

14.07.22 – thursday
* Morning – Closing Conference (at the Conference Room inside the Hotel)
* Afternoon – Departure for Bucharest. On the way, visit to the Bran Castle (“Count Dracula” Castle)
* Closing dinner



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